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Branding: Occupying Your Unique Selling Position
Branding is the actionable part of positioning.  Once we have identified a vacant, or vulnerable market segment, and determined your unique selling position, it is time to take ownership of your market segment.  Branding:
  • Gives voice to your unique selling position.
  • Gives focus to your corporate mission.
  • Brands your unique message into the mind of the consumer.
Branding is not just a new logo, letterhead or slogan, although those may be required.  Branding goes to the heart of your corporate culture.  To become a brand-first organization you must:
  • Develop a simple, clear, easily communicated message.  Our society is grossly over-communicated and your prospects have no additional capacity for complicated messages — they are already overloaded!  
  • Make sure that message fits what your prospect already knows.  Education is expensive and seldom effective outside a classroom with a willing student.  Your prospects are not a willing student, at least not when it comes to your marketing message, they are reluctant receivers at best.
  • Make your message the life-blood of your corporate culture.  Everything from the design of your product to the way the receptionist answers the phone must reflect your brand.
  • Repeat that message until the prospect hears it and acts on it.  A prospect is not going to hear your message the first time and run out to buy your product.  Depending on the product or service, they must hear the message 7 to 20 times or more before they actually 'hear' it.  Once the message is 'heard' the scenario goes something like this: Oh, I know them they're the "uncola" (7-Up) or the "safe car" (Volvo) or the "light beer" (Miller Light) or the "green widgets" (your company?).  The point is that they feel they know you — you have credibility in the mind of the consumer — and they are now comfortable doing business with you.

Save yourself the pain and frustration of expensive, ineffective marketing.  Contact us today and see for yourself what world-class, Aspirin-Free Marketing™ can do for your business.

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