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Seven Mandatory Steps to Marketing Excellence:  Effective marketing comes from understanding that marketing includes both sales and finance; that closing the sale is not the final marketing step, performance management is, and R.O.I. is the final measure of marketing success.

Planning:  Although surprisingly affordable, cogent planning is the most neglected aspect of most businesses.  It is no surprise that more money is wasted on ineffective marketing than on any other business activity.  [Learn More]
Positioning:  We know the strengths and weaknesses of our company and competitors.  We know the desires and expectations of our prospects.  We must now occupy our unique position inside the prospect's mind.  [Learn More]
Brand-First Collaterals:  Much more than logo and letterhead, a cohesive corporate ID program, from first impression to corporate voice, forms the backbone of a successful brand-first enterprise.   [Learn More]
Funding:  Whether an Oil & Gas producer funding the next prospect, a start-up attracting venture capital, or an established company seeking expansion; attracting capital is at least as much marketing as finance.  [Learn More]
Prospecting:  With the marketing plan, collaterals and funding in place, prospecting becomes the prime marketing activity.  Step one in the sales cycle, prospecting is like air to breathing — no prospects; no sales.  [Learn More]
Sales:  When well supported, trained and managed, a highly motivated sales force will provide the prize!.  It's no accident that successful sales professionals are some of the highest paid in our society.  [Learn More]
Performance Management:  Customers are developed and retained only by their perception of what they receive, not what you actually provide.  We must ask the right questions, at the right time then listen and act!  [Learn More]
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