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Targeted Marketing Surveys:
Having determined the goals and capabilities of effective Performance Management, we must harvest the necessary information.  You can attempt to guess, estimate and make all kinds of assumptions, but there is only one way to actually obtain the quality information required to make effective business decisions that positively impact your bottom line and provide future streams of income.  You must ask the customer — directly.

At the William Kerr Agency, we have the expertise and experience required to provide accurate and timely information. With a formal education in experimental psychology and more than thirty years of practical marketing and sales experience, Mr. Kerr personally supervises the design and development of all surveys.  Our survey models are reviewed and evaluated to assure the statistical relevancy of the results.

The Surveys:  Our surveys are distinguished by:

  • Surveys expertly designed to elicit relevant information.
  • Surveys expertly designed to elicit accurate information.
  • Actual text of customer comments included in all reports.
  • Comments classified and quantified.
  • Reports presented in crisp, clear, easy-to-understand format.
Our Service:  
  • We listen and make sure we understand your needs, before we start.
  • We are not just statisticians, we are real world marketing experts who collect and present the information you actually need.
  • Our clients are never more than a few minutes away from contact with a Real Human Being who understands their project.
  • We bring to the table the experience and expertise to do the job right — every time.
  • We have the capacity to respond quickly to your needs locally, nationally or even internationally.
  • We follow-up and make sure you understand how to use the information to maximize ROI.
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