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Planning:  Blueprint for Prosperity!
You identify a need, build a better mouse-trap, offer it for sale and with a lot of hard work and diligence you prosper, right?.  But the vast majority of businesses ultimately fail, why?  Because business is a calculated risk with the potential of huge rewards as long as it is approached with intelligent planning, impartial evaluation and decisive action based on that planning and evaluation.  Otherwise, it is simply gambling and gamblers always lose in the long run.  There are four overlapping areas of planning required for business success.
Marketing Plan:  Although surprisingly affordable, many businesses omit this essential step.  It is no surprise that more money is wasted on ineffective marketing than on any other business activity.  [Learn More]
Marketing Plan Audit:  Audits of solid marketing plans are usually inexpensive and painless.  Even the best plans become outdated; competitors evolve, new opportunities and threats arise, and the list goes on.   [Learn More]
Positioning:  We know the strengths and weaknesses of our company and competitors.  We know the desires and expectations of our prospects.  We must now occupy our unique position inside the prospect's mind.  [Learn More]
Branding:  It is said, if CocaCola lost all of its assets, but kept its brand, it could rebuild in five years.  But, take away its brand and leave the other assets and it would perish in five years.  Branding is that important!  [Learn More]

Save yourself the pain and frustration of expensive, ineffective marketing.  Contact us today and see for yourself what world-class, Aspirin-Free Marketing™ can do for your business.

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