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 Marketing Research Services
 Concept / Idea Evaluation  Brand Equity & Advertising  Performance Management  Methodology
  Pre-test Proposed Brand Extension
  Pre-test Proposed Product/Service

  Brand Awareness Studies
  Brand/Company Image Assessment
  Pre-test Advertising
  Pre-test Marketing Materials
  Tracking Studies
  Usage & Attitude Studies
  Customer Satisfaction Studies
  Mystery Shopping
  Types of Studies
  In-depth Interviews
  Focus Groups
  High Traffic intercepts
  Internal Q C Design/Management
  Literature Review
  Mystery Shopping
  Simulated Walk-through
  Simulated Drive-by
 Product  Packaging  Pricing  Competitive Intelligence
  Product Usage Testing
  Taste Testing
  Packaging Design Image Studies
  Packaging Design Usage Studies
  Packaging Design Visibility Studies
   Price Point Analysis
   Pricing Tolerance Studies
   Emerging Trends
   Key Competitor Information
   Industry Statistics
 Marketing Services
 Laying the Foundation  Performance Management  Direct Marketing  Presentations
        Marketing Plan
        Marketing Audit
  Quality Control Systems/Management
   Lead Generation
   Prospect Maintenance
  Financial Presentations
        Annual Reports
        Venture Capital
  Marketing Presentations
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  Press Release Marketing
  Media Management
 Collateral Services
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  Advertising - Creative:
        Direct Mail
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  In-House / Partnered Printing
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